London: week 1

It has now been a week since I arrived in London and I feel I compulsively need to write about this vibrant and multicultural city.

As I am still waiting for my Oyster Card to be dropped in my mail box, I have been walking a lot from my place, in Southwark, to my university, in Aldwych, and that leaves me time enough to admire old and new buildings, historical churches and modern museums, pubs and  tea rooms, parks and bridges, markets and shops as well as tourists and (a few) Londoners.

I’m still trying to understand what is London, what is its main soul, how do Londoners live and what is there to discover apart from the touristic places (even though I still have plenty of them to see). I still haven’t decided whether I’d like to live here later and whether I will become a regular visitor  or not, but one thing is for sure: I am never going to go to Oxford St. on a Saturday afternoon again!


2 responses to “London: week 1

  1. Carol!!! Why didn’t you tell me about your new blog!! I definitely put it in my fav…:-)

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