Breakfast at Market Coffee House

Market Coffee Shop

Can you figure out a nicer way to start the day than having a lovely sunday breakfast in a cute coffee shop? If you feel tempted try going to Market Coffee House, near Spitalfield Market.

This family owned café is really cosy, thanks to the wooden interiors, a good amount of small tables that favour intimate and relaxed conversations and the warm welcome of its personnel.

Some of its parts date back to the 17th century, giving you the feeling of being in a traditional British coffee shop (so comforting to find among all the chains that pollute the city!). An invitation to share tables and the prohibition to use laptops at peak hours contribute to the friendly overall atmosphere.

The drinks selection is extremely good, you can have a delicious Belgian hot chocolate, coffee, real cappuccino and a variety of teas. The counter is covered with jars of cookies and includes an extremely attractive display of hand made cakes that cannot but lead you to indulge, including carrot and walnuts cake, apples, cinnamon and raising cake, as well as a 3-layers chocolate cake among others.

Definitely a nice spot to have a break at while visiting Spitalfields market.

Market Coffee House

50-52 Brushfield Street,
E1 6AG


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