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Article from LSE news:

As far as I am concerned I prefer not to go into much detail about how this is calculated!

LSE is best of the social science specialists finds world university comparison

LSE is ranked as the world’s top specialist social science university in the World University Rankings 2009, published today. 

The rankings, compiled by educational analysts QS and Times Higher Education, compare and assess 621 universities around the world. They examine data in six categories – research excellence, teaching excellence, the proportion of international faculty, the proportion of international students, academic peer review and a survey of employers. 

The league table of specialist universities is a new category, introduced in part because of concerns that the main table does not fully reflect the excellence of specialised institutions like LSE. 

In the main table, LSE is ranked equal 67th , a position similar to 2008 and 2007, but one which the School has vigorously argued is unrealistically low because of incomplete methodology used to draw up the rankings. 

In contrast, the most recent Research Assessment Exercise found LSE  had the highest percentage of world-leading research of any UK institution. 

Harvard was rated the world’s best university in the QS/THE  ranking and also topped the table of those judged best for social sciences, with LSE in fifth position. 

More information, data and context about LSE’s performance in university league tables is available at |

8 October 2009


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